Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From Jackie:


Hello!  My family and I were vacationing in NY, visiting a relative on Long Island, who took us on a grand, speedy tour of NYC.  Just as we were finishing our day I happened to look down and saw something sparkly in a planter (wish I could tell you the exact location, but it was the end of a long day of walking, and NYC has a way of overstimulating all the senses - I think it was near Grand Central Station).  I picked it up and was sweetly surprised by what it was - a secret message just for me!  I tucked it away in my backpack to investigate more thoroughly later - in the meantime I tucked the message away in my heart.  I didn't know the procedure until I got back to Missouri and checked the instructions on your blog.  So this little note made it to the midwest where I plan on passing it along.  Thank you for ending my day in NYC on a very sweet note!    

Thursday, August 5, 2010

From Jenny:

maeve kyla

Two of our High Line gardeners, Kyla and Maeve, found notes on the park. Maeve found hers hanging in a tree and gave the one she found to me. I do not want to give it up but am on the lookout for just the right person...



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From Sara:

Hi Morgan,
I found one of your notes on 18th Street (on a console at an Asian furniture store).  I was lured by the sparkle.  It obviously took a lot of time and hard work to make 355 double-sided, sparkly, bedazzled notes and your efforts should be applauded.  I know I'm supposed to pass mine on to someone else, but I'm having a hard time parting with something that reminds me that I'm loved.  Maybe tomorrow :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From Jen:


My name is Jen, I found the note in the West Village. After I found it I decided to spread the love and pass it along so I left it on a bench outside of a bakery in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I wonder who will find it and where they'll bring it next. I've heard about people making notes with positive messages and leaving them around but I never thought I would find one! It's funny how a little note can feel like a miracle, thank you so much. I’m going to start doing this, hopefully it will spread some joy!

The Process

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355 read me notes. 355 sequins. 50 sheets of cardstock. 3 bottles of Elmer’s glue. 5 x-large glue sticks. Way too much glitter (too much to count).

So worth it. All of it.